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  • It is our greatest interest to provide the best possible space management solution to our clients.

  • Just talk to our experienced partition specialists about your needs and expectations,  we will come up with different solutions that will statisfy your specific requirements.

  • Consultation sessions are absolutely free, if you are looking to install a set of operable partition for your project, we look forward to help you to find the best solutions for your design.


  • Our broad range of partition models assure that we will always have the perfect partition for our clients.

  • From solid panels to double glazed glass panels, from slim profile panels to superb acoustic panels. Flexifold has them all and it is our pleasure to provide partitions that fulfill your specific requirements.

  • In rare occasions, your requirement might be extremely unique and our line of products cannot fully satisfy you. This would not be a problem as we provide bespoke partition solutions that will rectify your needs.


  • Once the proposed design has been confirmed, we will start the manufacturing process of partition panels. Our panels are fabricated in Canada and shipped worldwide.


  • When it comes to operable partition, the quality of installation plays a critical role in the acoustic and aesthetic end result of the project. Bad workmanship will result in increased flanking transmission which will hinder the overall acoustic performance.

  • We understand the importance of site workmanship and thats why our installation team are one of the best in the region. We are extremely detail minded and assure that the installation of our operable partition systems will get you the acoustic integrity it intends to deliver.


  • Partitions are a set of heavy duty equipment and sometimes minor touch ups are inevitable. Flexifold sworn by all of its completed projects and make sure that all installed partitions will get its deserved attention when repair is needed. Just give us a call and we will send our specialist on its way.

  • Repair work for operable partition systems from other manufacturors is also possible. Contact us for more information in regard of maintainence for non-Flexifold partition systems.

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