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Flexifold International China Ltd.

Flexfold is a Canadian based corperation with a mission to incorporate the frontiers of acoustic technologies into our everyday life.
Through our continuous effort in product development and improvement for the last 30 years, our operable partition system excels in acoustic performance, durability and usability.
With over 3,000 projects completed in the Asia region to date, our product has gained good reputation in the region and continuously refered to as an operable partition supplier whom delivers project with superb acoustic performance.
We take pride of our complete spectrum of services including consultation, design, installation and maintainence.


Our Operable Partition System

Operable partitions are a set of moveable wall that enhance the versatility of a room and make it more multi-purpose. Flexifold operable partitions are hang onto an overhead track system in which it guides the movement of our operable partitions. When our partitions are being setup, the internal crank will extend its sound seal at the top and bottom to form an air tight closure and lock the partition in place.

When you need one huge room for a single activity, our operable partitions can be stored away in the parking area at the corner of the room. When parked away, the operable partitions occupies minimal space. However, when you need the room to be divided because you would like to hold 2 different events in the room, our operable partitions will come in handy. When unfolded, our partition system will dissect a room into 2 separate area, providing versatility when it is needed.

To truly divide a space into two, partitions will not only need to fulfill the visual element of division, but also the acoustic element of division. We understand the importance of truly divided space for our client’s demand, that’s why Flexifold strive in making operable partitions that truly divides a room: both visually and acoustically.

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