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    F-100 series
    Classic design with easy maneuverability

    The F-100 series is our best selling solid operable partition model. The design philosophy behind our F-100 series is to build a product that is simple, versatile and deliver excellent sound insulation. F-100 partitions are constructed with heavy duty aluminum and steel frames providing a robust and flexible solution for your room division needs.

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    Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou

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    Faculty of Medicine, HKU

  • Advantages

    Easy to use
    F-100 series uses our Type B roller system allowing our partitions to glide as smooth as butter. Our partitions can also be upgraded with semi-automatic options.

    Sound insulation
    Acoustic performance up to STC 52 (ISO 140-3:1995) and FSTC 45 (HKIOA certified).

    Our versatile design provides space saving storage solutions and enable them to adapt in many situations. F-100 can be customized to fit in a curved system and can divide a room up to 12m high.

    Wide array of finishes
    Our custom designed panels has no limitations on the finishes you can put on it. Top finishes also enjoy the advantage to be replaced when needed.

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    The MIRA Hotel

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    Sheung Wan Civic Centre

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