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    HA-150 series
    Unmatched acoustic integrity

    If the room you are dividing requires a high standard of acoustic insulation, then HA-150 is the answer from Flexifold. HA-150 has stroked a perfect balance in between multiple acoustic technologies including decoupling and damping mechanism.

    The end result is a product with profound acoustic integrity in design. HA-150 acoustic performance is up to STC55.

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  • Advantages

    Superb Acoustic Performance
    With its 150mm construction and crafted with top-tier acoustic insulating materials, HA-150 provide superb acoustic performance.

    Although HA-150 is bulkier than our original panels, our space saving storage solution allow efficient storage of partitions. With its flexibility in design that allows panels to divide rooms height up to 10m, HA-150 can deliver superb acoustic insulation among a wide array of spaces.

    Wide array of finishes
    Our custom designed panels has no limitations on the finishes you can put on it. The only restriction is your imagination. Top finishes also enjoy the advantage to be replaced when needed.

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